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Top 3 IIPM facts

FACT 1: IIPM can't give MBA or BBA degrees

After going to court, IIPM agreed to stop pretending that it's a real university: "IIPM agreed to make it clear in its advertisements that it offers only certificate courses" Even IIPM's own website says "Does IIPM award an MBA/BBA degree? No." If you want an MBA, IIPM can not give you one. (Source: Indian Express, June 28, 2009)

FACT 2: IIPM is not recognised by UGC or AICTE

IIPM is not recognised by the UGC or AICTE. IIPM has even testified to the Supreme Court of India that it is not a university. Even IIPM's own website says IIPM "is not an university" and that "IIPM has never sought any kind of statutory recognition from any government body ever." (Source: Business Standard, August 26, 2010; Zee News, June 27, 2008)

FACT 3: IIPM professors have little experience

According to IIPM's own prospectus, most faculty members are just former IIPM graduates—even though IIPM advertising seems to suggest that the faculty consists of famous international professors. The average age of IIPM's permanent professors is just 27. (Source: Businessworld India, October 31, 2005)

What do journalists say about IIPM?

  1. JAM Magazine
    They exposed IIPM in 2005. Read the original article that exposed IIPM's fraud!
  2. Careers360 (part 1, part 2, part 3)
    Indian journalist contacts foreign universities to see if IIPM really works with them
  3. Caravan magazine
    This article made IIPM so mad they tried to sue for Rs. 500 crores! Banned in India.
  4. MensXP
    Great roundup of "5 Things MBA Aspirants Need to Know about IIPM"
  5. Outlook magazine
    The editors say IIPM's advertising is unethical
  6. The India Daily
    Anna Hazare rejects Rs. 1 crore award from IIPM
IIPM's Pune - India The Indian Institute of Planning & Management - Issue
Photo by Ravi Karandeekar, used under CC by-nc-sa

What do IIPM students say about IIPM?

  1. IIPM Noida student not given laptop, threatened with rustication
  2. IIPM Mumbai refuses to give student his degree after convocation
  3. 150 IIPM students are shocked and angry to find it isn't a full-time course
  4. 200 IIPM Pune students hold protest against IIPM
  5. IIPM Bangalore students ask High Court to close and prosecute IIPM
  6. 250 IIPM Mumbai students demand a refund
  7. IIPM students create website to expose IIPM lies
  8. IIPM Lucknow lied and told student it had recognition from UGC
  9. Only 3 students from IIPM Bhubaneswar got placement, out of a batch of 53
  10. Hundreds of IIPM Indore students tell police they have been cheated
  11. Student fell sick, but IIPM refuses to return Rs. 3.97 lakhs
  12. His friend studies at IIPM, and says it isn't recognised
  13. Students complain to newspaper: "Why pay almost four and a half lakh for a course not even full-time?"
  14. IIPM New Delhi student says it was a self-destructive decision
  15. IIPM students file cheating complaint against the dean
  16. IIPM student says his career is finished
  17. Student lost everything, and IIPM ruined his life
  18. IIPM Pune students file cheating complaint against dean
  19. Angry IIPM Indore students plan to gherao IIPM officials
  20. IIPM New Delhi student has family crisis, but IIPM won't refund Rs. 1.3 lakhs
  21. Her friends at IIPM were angry at IIPM
  22. Many of his friends went to IIPM and suffered
  23. Student says IIPM Bangalore is not up to the mark
  24. His IIPM graduate friend had to struggle to find a job
  25. Five IIPM students ask court to stop IIPM fraud
  26. Student says his instructors had zero industry experience
  27. Her friends at IIPM are crying with bad placements
  28. ISBE students feel misled, realize degree has no worth
  29. IIPM Hyderabad student says IIPM will spoil your career
  30. His friend studied at IIPM, was without a decent job for 1 year
  31. German student visits IIPM, sees professor tell students not to read books
  32. IIPM student says "IIPM college fake hai"
  33. Her friends at IIPM have bad placements after paying Rs. 10 lacs
  34. IIPM Mumbai keeps demanding money, even though student has receipt for fees paid
  35. His friends at IIPM regret the day they entered
  36. Ex-student says some IIPM lecturers are even younger than the students
  37. IIPM Bhubaneswar student says "don't spoil ur life"
  38. Student says classmates are failed for baseless reasons, so they have to pay more for re-exam for the diploma
  39. IIPM alumni says "IIPM will spoil your career"
  40. IIPM Hyderabad student says every word in IIPM ads is false

Download IIPM logo (updated parody)

What do IIPM victims say about IIPM?

  1. IIPM Bangalore is threatening student with local goondas
  2. IIPM Bangalore students go to court to get fees refunded
  3. IIPM Bhubaneswar threatens to break a poor student's legs
  4. IIPM Lucknow not refunding Rs. 1 lakh to student
  5. IIPM Ahmedabad lied about offering refund
  6. IIPM employee lied to loan executive, won't return Rs. 25,000
  7. IIPM won't refund Rs. 80,000 to middle-class students
  8. IIPM Hyderabad won't return money to student with medical problems
  9. IIPM refuses to refund Rs. 1 lakh, even though student's mother needs an operation
  10. IIPM Delhi won't return Rs. 40,000
  11. IIPM Delhi demands Rs. 1.2 lakhs from poor student
  12. IIPM Pune student has not given refund to student
  13. IIPM won't return money, causing mental trauma
  14. IIPM won't refund fees for over 3 months
  15. IIPM takes Rs. 30,000 from poor Amritsar student
  16. IIPM won't refund Rs. 26,000 to student whose father is sick
  17. IIPM Gurgaon refused to return his son's money
  18. IIPM employees lied, and are not refunding fees
  19. IIPM Mumbai is not returning student's fees
  20. IIPM New Delhi told student IIPM is UGC-approved, and now won't refund money
  21. IIPM is misusing a private phone number for marketing
  22. IIPM Ahmedabad won't return Rs. 40,000
  23. IIPM Ahmedabad refuses to cancel admission for student whose father has heart problem
  24. IIPM Bhubaneshwar won't return Rs. 35,000 to father from Ranchi
  25. IIPM Gurgaon has not returned money for one year
  26. Father is angry that IIPM won't return Rs. 25,000
  27. ISBE/IIPM Bangalore cheated family of Rs. 2.50 lakhs
  28. IIPM employee threatens to blacklist student who asks for refund
  29. IIPM Delhi say they'll return money, then stop responding
  30. IIPM is sending Kerala student 2 spam SMS messages every day
  31. IIPM employees abuse stuent by phone
  32. Haryana father can't get refund from IIPM
  33. IIPM Ahmedabad won't refund Rs. 1 lakh to worried elder brother
  34. IIPM Indore has kept a student waiting over 5 months for a refund
  35. IIPM Mumbai Thane refuses to return money, causes mental trauma
  36. IIPM didn't give student admission, but won't return money
  37. Bank refuses to give loan because IIPM is not AICTE/UGC approved
  38. IIPM Delhi won't return money to female student
  39. IIPM Delhi refuses to return Rs. 35,000
  40. IIPM won't return Rs. 32,500 to Pune resident
  41. IIPM Lucknow won't refund Rs. 30,000 fee
  42. IIPM New Delhi refuses to refund Rs. 40,000
  43. IIPM empoyee who took student's money has disappeared
  44. IIPM won't refund Mumbai woman who needs money for sick baby
  45. Student fighting for a refund for 8 months

What do real people say about IIPM?

  1. HR for CATA says IIPM wil spoil your career
  2. IIPM costs 8-9.5 lakhs, mostly for rich students with low test scores
  3. Business professionals warn against IIPM Delhi
  4. IIPM is a sham: 8 reasons not to attend IIPM
  5. Is IIPM mocking the quality of Indian education?
  6. Is IIPM good or bad? It is the worst.
  7. It is better to suicide than to become a student of IIPM
  8. IIPM degree has no value in India
  9. IIPM is fake, not government recognised
  10. IIPM is not recognised by AICTE, despite showy ads
  11. The whole IIPM institutes are fake and fraud
  12. The worst students from his school went to IIPM
  13. IIPM ads showed misleading facts
  14. Comparing IIPM to IIM is like comparing calculator to a super computer
  15. IIPM's so bad that PaGaLGuY literally replaces all references to it with "****"
  16. IIPM is conning students
  17. IBM employee says "Think Beyond IIPM"
  18. Please do not waste your father's money on IIPM
  19. IIPM is the worst institute
  20. IIPM is fooling people, all that glitters is not gold
  21. IIPM is a fraud on education
  22. IIPM should be your last choice
  23. 483 people signed a petition against IIPM
  24. IIPM says they give free laptops, but parents and students are the ones have to pay
  25. IIPM is just good for advertisements
  26. IIPM ads are false, and it sues journalists to improve PR
  27. IIPM is frauding and cheating students
  28. Why won't the media report the fraud of Arindam Chaudhary? (sic)
  29. IIPM has been listed as a "derecognized" university by the UGC
  30. IIPM is totally fake and degree has no value
  31. They are lining their own pockets, rather than imparting quality education
  32. IIPM are cheaters
  33. The IIPM Scandal! Mr. Arindam Choudary...You gotta pay for ruining the careers of all those innocent millions!
  34. Arindam Chaudhuri is an evil scamster with no talent apart from fraud
  35. IIPM charges very high and their placement is not very good
  36. Hardly 30% of students get placed
  37. MBA degree from IIPM is "fake, unaccredited and unrecognized"
  38. Four reasons to avoid IIPM
  39. IIPM is not a very good institute
  40. Vir Sanghvi supports journalist investigating IIPM
  41. IIPM is a total fraud in the name of an MBA
  42. IIPM is really "I-I-fee-M"
  43. IIPM makes money and plays with the career of innocent students
  44. IIPM has to advertise to make students come, while IIM has to turn away 95% of applicants
  45. It's a total waste to do MBA from IIPM
  46. India should sham institutions like IIPM…
  47. Many IIPM international placements are for bad jobs in the Middle East
  48. About a thousand people like "Arindam Chaudhuri - The Pony Tailed Idiot" Facebook page
  49. IIPM is a fraud on education
  50. IIPM is fooling people
  51. Don't waste 10 lakhs here
  52. People from Tier 3 towns are fooled by IIPM
  53. IIPM should be tried in court

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